3rd Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride

Tour de Dufflet!We are doing Tour de Dufflet for the 3rd Girls’ Cupcake Ride. Here are the details:

*I’ve created this route so that we don’t have to make a left at busy Yonge St.

Let’s meet at 11:00 to register for Tour de Dufflet and grab some nummies. Then at 11:30 I’ll hold a quick rider’s meeting to go over safety rules and route and then we’re off!

START: Dufflet’s Uptown
2638 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4P 2J5

-> walk up to Blythwood*
-> eastbound on Blythwood to Mount Pleasant Rd.
-> south at Mount Pleasant Rd., east (left) at Broadway*
-> east on Broadway all the way to Sunnybrook Park and we enter the Don Valley Trail south!
-> east (left) on Lake Shore Blvd (don’t worry it’s a major multi-use pathway) all the way to Woodbine Park
-> left at Northern Dancer Blvd and then we get off the bike trail at Queen St. East
-> eastbound on Queen St. East to Dufflet Beach location!

CHECKPOINT: Dufflet’s Beach location (1917 Queen Street East)

-> east on Queen St. East (hang a right from Dufflet) to Kippendavie Ave
-> south (right) on Kippendavie to Kew Beach to enter the Martin Goodman Trail west!
-> west (left) on Queen’s Quay to re-enter Martin Goodman Trail west all the way (through the slightly tough Harbourfront area)
-> north on Strachan to Queen St. West
-> east (right) on Queen St. West to our final destination!

FINAL DESTINATION: Dufflet’s Downtown (787 Queen Street West)

**Personally, I won’t be riding to the Uptown location – I’ll be TTC-ing it! Bikes are permitted on the TTC anytime on Saturday and Sunday!

I have created a Ride Rules list. Please read before the ride.

Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride Press

Thanks to this really nice article in the Star, the Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride group on Facebook exploded!

Back in January when I first started the group, it seemed like no one wanted to join me on a Cupcake Tour of Toronto.  The weather warmed up but still the group grew at a snail’s pace and the first Cupcake Ride had only one other rider, aside from myself.

Now I’m pushing almost 150 members and the 2 rides I’ve organized for Bike Month have around 10 riders signed up for each.

I can’t wait to meet all these bike and cupcake loving ladies!

Thank you Chantal for writing about me!

we <3 cupcakes and bicycles