6th toronto girls’ cupcake ride report

taking the Hanlan’s Point ferry over

mandatory island shot

mini cupcakes!

decadent vanilla buttercream

angel food cake cupcake with real and artificial peaches – too chewy, though…

August’s ride was a Toronto Island picnic again!

Despite suffering from a mild bout of food poisoning (When your dish takes waaay longer to come out than other people’s? It’s probably because it’s not a very popular dish. Not a good sign.) I headed to the Islands under heavily overcast skies.

This time there weren’t crazy lineups to purchase tickets and when I got to the ferry terminal a smiley, familiar face was already waiting by the Hanlan’s Point gate! By the time our ferry arrived, Maegan and I were joined by two other Cupcake Riders plus an out of town guest from Albany!

The riding was smooth and we did a side tour of Algonquin Island again to check out the beautiful island houses and the great view of downtown Toronto. With less people on the island this time, we were able to ride and have some great conversations – including thoughts about riding bikes with skirts/dresses (we all concurred that it is actually quite nice and not as impractical as it may seem).

Sadly, we were drizzled on during our picnic but the actual rain didn’t come down until the end. We enjoyed yummy mini cupcakes (2 types! cherry chocolate and cinnamon), Dessert Lady vanilla cupcakes and chewy angel food cake with peach cupcakes.

Lucky for us, Lynna was thoughtful enough to bring us a delicious bulgur/quinoa salad to counter the sweet cupcakes and gives us something more substantial to give us energy for the ride home. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of this yummy salad.

Another lovely ride and outing with a great bunch of ladies!

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we <3 cupcakes and bicycles