5th Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride Report

our bikes enroute to the islands

despite some huge rain drops, we make it and jenny finds a great picnic table

our feast

All I can do is sigh with satisfaction after this previous cupcake ride. It was lovely, relaxing and so much fun.

But before I bore you with a bunch of warm fuzzies, there are some ferry issues that I want to iron out before the August ride (which will be on the island again)!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the line up to purchase tickets was absolutely massive and as poor A found out later, they actually stop issuing tickets if they notice that the boarding area is too full. J and I were lucky enough to catch Ms. L close to the cashier and she was able to purchase our tickets for us, while J and I were standing in the line-up for ‘Express Ticket Purchase’ (the signs were obviously having an identity crisis). Even getting through the ticket collector’s gate was chaotic and disorganized.

After our group got to the Hanlan’s Point ferry gate, things were smooth.

We were lucky enough to find a a picnic table in a quiet, secluded spot and then explored some of the less travelled nooks and crannies of Ward’s Island. We rode through the carless residential area on Algonquin Island and spied enviously on the beautifully maintained gardens. We ended our ride with coffee and tea at the Rectory Cafe and then dashed back to the mainland after realizing that we had spent a lot more time on the island than we thought!

They say that time flies when you are in good company and that was truly the case yesterday. Good-bye peaceful, green oasis from the city – till next month!

Read another wonderful write up on L’s blog here!

Here are all the photos from the ride.

2 Responses to “5th Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride Report”

  1. L Says:

    love the last pic! i was wondering what kind of shot you were taking then. so this is what it was. v nice. and i like the over-the-shoulder blind shots, too. super fun time, H. til the next one!

  2. socky Says:

    Still nursing a bad case of island house lust. Algonquin Island is just otherworldly. Looks and feels like it’s out of some novel I read in college. Would love to bike back.

we <3 cupcakes and bicycles